Rapper Ntukza addresses K.O’s criticism.

  • K.O.’s criticism is addressed by Ntukza.

  • Ntukza responds to K.O’s diss

Ntukza addresses K.O's criticism.
Ntukza addresses K.O ‘s criticism.


Ntukza has, at last, responded to Forcast 23, K.O’s insult song. The song was released by the Sete hitmaker a week ago, and it made him as he took aim at Ntukza and Lady Du.

The vocalist ignored the criticism since she didn’t care, and Ntukza responded with a brand-new song that was uploaded to YouTube.

Rapper Ntukza in response made fun of K.O  for buying views and it is disputed whether or not Sete’s success actually caused him to perceive what he did.


K.O has attempted to correct the record, though, and his supporters have stood by him, defending him from trolls and detractors.

Below, you can hear Ntukza’s response:

Meanwhile, despite all that happened,  is renowned for being outspoken, declined to answer but went on to discuss her accomplishments and provide advice to aspiring singers about the music business.

She added to her act of ignorance by sharing a Nicki Minaj video clip during the diss tune.

The American reportedly remarked in the video, “Whatever you hear about me going forward, it; put a spin on it, suck on it, spit on it… it because I could care less.

The video is thought to be a response to all the conversations about her that have been going on.

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