AKA reveals his take on Idols SA

  • AKA – “I always wanted to be a judge on Idols SA”

  • “I’ve always wished I could judge on Idols SA” – AKA

AKA reveals his take on Idols SA
AKA reveals his take on Idols SA


Rapper AKA Speaks on his desire to serve as a judge on Idols SA, after the final season, which will run this year, the TV show was officially declared to be cancelled.

The rapper was disappointed by the news because he had hoped to join the judges’ panel before the show’s finale. Reactions to the announcement were divided.


Taking to Twitter, he wrote, I should have been a judge on @IdolsSA *sigh* … I always wanted that.”

In addition to that, Rapper AKA clarified the details surrounding the altercation with Burna Boy. Two singers were once buddies in 2020 became adversaries due to a xenophobic argument.

AKA, whose actual name is Kiernan Forbes, admitted last year that he no longer has any hatred for the Nigerian artist.

However, discussions regarding the aforementioned musicians were revived after Wouter Kellerman, Nomcebo, and  received Grammy Awards.
Due to the singer’s past relationship with Mzansi, some people were when Burna lost to the musicians.

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