AKA explains what caused the altercation with Burna Boy.

  • AKA recounts what triggered the fight with Burna Boy

  • What sparked AKA’ fight with Burna Boy is described.

AKA explains what caused the altercation with Burna Boy.
AKA explains what caused the altercation with Burna Boy.


Rapper AKA clarifies the details surrounding the altercation with Burna Boy. Two singers who were once buddies in 2020 became adversaries due to a xenophobic argument.

AKA, whose actual name is Kiernan Forbes, admitted that he no longer has any hatred for the Nigerian artist.

However, discussions regarding the aforementioned musicians were revived after Wouter Kellerman, Nomcebo, and Zakes Bantiwnini received Grammy Awards.

Due to the singer’ past relationship with Mzansi, some people were happy when Burna lost to the South African musicians.

@Nomcebozikode @ZakesBantwiniSA @wouterkellerman for winning the Grammy award. I guess @akaworldwide AKA was right when he we are gifted in South Africa. He was defending us against Burna Boy …funny thing our artists won against him (@burnaboy)” a tweep wrote.


AKA instantly cleared the by recounting what caused the fight.

“Congrats but that chat wasn’t about music or talent. It actually started with soccer and ended up being about xenophobia. Crazy times,” the rapper wrote.

Meanwhile, Rapper AKA had boasted that he had produced 90% of all  hip-hop music, making him the best producer of all time. “Statistically speaking … since I’ve produced 90% of all my music … surely I am the greatest  producer of all time. Statistically,” he tweeted.

The rapper went on to say that he has produced songs that have topped music charts than anyone else, which is why he considers himself the best.

“Surely as a producer, I have put up number 1’ than any producer in the history of SA Hip Hop.”

He promises to intentionally dig up his songs so that he can enjoy himself.

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