Diddy fact checks alleged post of him mocking Burna Boy over Grammy loss

  • US Rapper Diddy reacts to the alleged post of him mocking Grammy loss.

  • Diddy disproves a post in which he made fun of for losing the Grammys.

Diddy fact checks alleged post of him mocking Burna Boy over Grammy loss
Diddy fact-checks alleged post of him mocking over Grammy loss

Sean Combs, better known by his stage as Diddy, has responded to claims that he made fun of Afrobeats superstar over his Grammy loss.

The Nigerian artist was nominated in two categories in the just-ended 65th Grammy Awards, which took place on February 5.

failed to win in either category and then a supposed post from Diddy mocking the performer for attempting to do so without him suddenly appeared online.

According to the aforementioned post, which has already gone viral, the rapper wrote on his Instagram account:

“I helped you win your first and only Grammy award, which I did out of kindness, and somehow you thought you could win another without my help? Oh okay.”

To put things in perspective, Diddy served as a co-executive producer on Burna’ 2020 album Twice as Tall. For it last year, Burna won a Grammy for Best Global Music Album.

Although Burna’ 2022 album, Damini, was nominated in the same category again this year, the winner was Masa Takumi for Sakura.

Diddy publicly debunked the statement, claiming it was fake after several media platforms shared it.

Commenting on the post with his verified Instagram account, he said:

“This is fake.”



Social media reactions, some fans don’t want the two artists beefing. However, some online users don’t think the post was real to begin with.

One person Tweeted, “The whole about to drag Diddy over Burna Boy.”

Someone else said, “Nope! Diddy never posted it. It’ a certain fanbase that created the fake screenshot. They do it all the time. Davido used to be the victim of their online misinformation schemes. Now it’ Burna Boy,” and ended with, “Just think about it… why would Diddy even post that?”

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