Temmie Ovwasa discloses Lessons Learnt from a previous relationship.

Temmie Ovwasa discloses Lessons Learnt from a previous relationship.
discloses Lessons Learnt from a previous relationship.

has disclosed an important lesson she learned from a previous relationship.

She tweeted that she had learned to pay attention to what people say about their ex-partners and how they speak about themselves.

Temmie further remarked that if people claim that their ex-partners deserve to die or burned, and they are nasty to themselves when they are furious, they will project it.

“My last relationship really taught me to listen to the things a person says about their exes and the way they talk to themself.

“If all their exes deserve to die or burn and they are mean to themself when they are upset, their internal monologue is shit, they will project!”, she penned.


Months ago, stated that she is glad she is a lesbian because she does not have to worry about getting pregnant ‘accidentally’ and having children.

Temmie stated in a series of tweets on her handle that most families have paedophiles and that it would unwise to bring in children who would traumatised by family members and society.

She also said that an average family has at least one family paedophile they are protecting or refusing to talk about.

According to her, too many Nigerians have been molested as kids for her words to a lie.

She made it clear she can’t through childbirth and bring a child and raise them in just for them to get a beating from their teacher or raped by relatives.

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