Darwin Nunez compares Luis Suarez to his first Liverpool season.

  • makes Luis Suarez first Liverpool season comparison.

Darwin Nunez compares Luis Suarez to his first Liverpool season.
compares Luis Suarez to his first Liverpool season.

has pointed to Luis Suarez’s initial struggles at Liverpool as reason to be optimistic about his own future at Anfield.

Nunez made high-profile transfer from Benfica to Merseyside in the summer, and despite some sloppy finishing, the Uruguayan has only scored ten goals in 25 games in all competitions.

While admitting to Sky Sports he doesn’t think he’s “playing well” right now, the 23-year-old referenced compatriot Suarez’s teething issues with the Reds before he grew to become one of the best players in the world, scoring 31 Premier League goals in the 2013/14 season before joining Barcelona.

He said: “It is case of adapting. Adapting is important – and not only here at the club. Things have to be good on the football side, but also with your family, because if your family is OK, then you will always be OK. My family and I are good.

“Obviously, I still have many things to work on, for example my finishing. But I think the same thing is happening to me as happened to Suarez. In his second year, he tore it up.


“Something similar happened to me already at Benfica. The first year went very badly and in the second, I exploded.

“Here, I think the same thing is happening. I hope next season will be like that. I’ll put my best forward and hopefully I’ll get bit of luck.”

Nunez also disclosed that he has become close with Suarez as result of their spent together while serving as Uruguayan teammates, and he claims to receive tips from the current Gremio striker.

“Of course, it’s always helpful to speak with Suarez,” Nunez added.

“For me, he is an idol. He is great example. In the national team, I now have much better relationship with him.

“We are always talking and he is always giving me advice. I always try to keep in touch with him. I ask him lot of things because he was at this club and he has lot more experience than me. He is an important player to give me advice and explain things to me.”


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