Priddy Ugly praises gangsters.

  • Gangsters receive positive praise from Priddy Ugly.

  • Priddy Ugly speaks highly of gangsters

Priddy Ugly praises gangsters.
Priddy Ugly praises gangsters.


Priddy Ugly reveals the genuine identities of gangsters, According to the rapper, not all gangsters, are bad and have scars; some are parents, good people, and reliable.

His explanation raised some brows, but a few others understood his teaching.

“I don’t know why people think gangsters all have scars & go re ke Magita a kasi fela. Gangsters are also di cheese boy, nice guys, religious men, stay at home dads, business owners, mechanics, the police, the government, women too, charmers, ‘trustworthy people’.”

Meanwhile, Priddy Ugly once said that the fans are equally to blame for the rivalries that have ruined because of all the competition that comes with culture. He claimed on his Twitter feed that toxic behaviour among musicians exists and is occasionally encouraged by followers.


He added that “Artists can be toxic, but we’re going to have to discuss how toxic the “fan” bases can be, they often do more to create divide and conflict between artists creating problems that the respective artists don’t or didn’t actually have with each other, 

Based on the responses to his post, some of his followers weren’t persuaded by his viewpoint.

“You as an artist do start-up conflict first, then the fan base follows the atmosphere. Or were you just playing when you were busy dissing other artists that never had any problems with you?” Read the tweet.

In a subsequent Tweet, he urged people not to believe  they read online and said that even  musicians pick fights with one another, they still hang out and enjoy themselves.

“Myself, Tyson & Touchline were in a collective conversation, bantering about bars, lyricism & “shots fired” laughing & dabbing one another last night. Don’t let the internet mislead you,” wrote Priddy Ugly.

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