Seyi Vibez vs Asake: Why the Comparison needs to stop

The comparison game between Asake and Seyi Vibez seems to have reignited on social media with various sides explaining one is better than the other.

Seyi Vibez vs Asake: Why the Comparison needs to stop
Seyi Vibez vs Asake: the Comparison needs to stop

Comparison in the Nigerian music industry isn’t new and even beloved artists, Asake and Seyi Vibez seem not to be immune to it.

There have been discussions over the similarities between Asake and Seyi Vibez; many people think that either of the two brilliant artists is stealing the other’s sound.

The two contemporary artists actually have very similar styles; they both use a lot of group singing, fast-paced sound, an Arabic opening, and freestyle. Fuji, Prayers, and other elements distinguish the two artists from their contemporaries.

The explanation for the comparison between these two musicians is not too far-fetched; both singers perform well to an Amapiano and also use street lingo to keep their audiences on their feet.

Asake and Seyi Vibez have undoubtedly had a successful debut. They both release albums, and headline shows, and their records are doing well on streaming services as their popularity rises.


Seyi Vibez vs Asake: Why the Comparison needs to stop
Seyi Vibez

Both were underground artists before finding fame in the mainstream scene. While it might look like Asake has better PR due to solid backing from his record label, YBNL and distribution partner, Emprire, Seyi Vibez holds his own ground well.

The difference between the two might be their international appeal as Asake seems to have found more on the global music scene even selling out three consecutive O2 Indigo shows in a row, a feat even established musicians struggle to do.


However, even with all, the comparison is the bedrock of artists’ rivalry something the older generation fell victim to and it is not needed with the new generation.

While the constant comparison is beginning cause chaos among the new school artists, other smart ones like Fireboy see them are entertainment.

Like Rema warned fans about starting stan wars in 2021, what matters is everyone is winning.

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