Timi Dakolo recounts how a close friend tried to stop his performance at an event

Nigerian singer, Timi has shared how a family friend antagonized him and almost ruined his chance of getting a job.

According to Timi, people he did not know personally were advocating for him during the meeting while the only friend he had there was insistent that he not get the gig.

He stated that the incident was unfathomable, even strangers were surprised by his friend’ actions and it was a hard lesson to learn.

He wrote;

“Imagine a room full of strangers planning an event and suggested me. And the only person who knows me well inside the room. Like knows me knows me kept blocking it. Only for one of the strangers to come outside ask if I have a problem with her. I said not all, we are Gee’s.
So I did get the gig ,because client insisted. Anyways we met at sound check. Her first words were” timi this your voice sha”.
How is busola and your amazing kids?! Like me and this person NA Gee. I can even say somewhat family.

Trust me NA, I just and said they are fine. A lesson once learnt is hard to forget. Still an unfathomable experience.”

Reacting to the singer’ ordeal, here is what some of his followers think:

@alaba_beverly Really? And yet motivational speakers tell us that if asked if you can do something, never say no, rather say yes and learn on the job. You’re one of those wicked friends. Angle my foot. You an enemy of your friends’ progress if you think like this.

@omonIkhine Life for you, learnt from my mom that those who badly to fall are those who eat your salt and pepper

@NelsonL_avenir If ur close friend, as in, your kọ̀ri kọ̀sùn said this about U in a place of prestige, where if U got the contract you’d very rich & popular, how would U feel🙄
Timi is known 2 very good in his craft, even if he doesn’t “deliver” would she lose her place in d team?

@iamblswagger He knows you well.. Maybe he knows you can’t carry out the task well. How about that angle?

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