Guardiola dismisses any role in Arteta’s success at Arsenal

  • Guardiola denies he’ had any part in Arteta’ success at Arsenal.

Guardiola dismiss any role in Arteta's success at Arsenal
Guardiola dismisses any role in Arteta’ success at Arsenal

Despite being Mikel Arteta’ mentor, Pep Guardiola adamantly denies any responsibility for the player’ success at Arsenal.

After hanging up his boots, the Arsenal manager worked as Guardiola’ assistant at to hone his abilities.

He came to Arsenal in 2019 to take the position of head coach, and in 2022–23, with the Gunners sitting atop the Premier League table with 50 points after halfway, his reputation has skyrocketed.

Guardiola has denied taking any responsibility for Arteta’ success at Arsenal before the master and apprentice renew their battle on Friday in an match at the Etihad.

“What I see in Arsenal belongs to Mikel and his people,” said Guardiola. “I would to say ‘Yeah, what they do is because I teach him’. Bullsh*t.


I am 52 years old. I’ve been in Arsenal for one day, when they allowed us to train to win the Champions League against [Manchester] United [in 2011]. That’ the only time I’ve been in the Arsenal training centre. Sorry United,” he told reporters before the match,

“They play with wingers higher than the midfielders us – yeah. But all the methodology, the process, with the character, the mentality, the set pieces, a thousand million things – that belongs to them,” he added.

Before he left for north London, many people at thought Arteta would replace Guardiola. Arteta would have done a fantastic job if he had been in charge at the Etihad, the former Barcelona manager has insisted.

“I am pretty sure if I would have left before, he would be here and he would be the best. But I extended the contract, I am sorry, and he didn’t wait, so it could not happen,” he said.

On Friday, both Arsenal and will give it their best to advance in the and gain psychological ground before their rematch in a titanic Premier League match on February 15.


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