Rouge Talks About “Prada,” the New Single From AKA X Khuli Chana

  • “I’ jealous” – Rouge Shares Her Thoughts On AKA X Khuli Chana Single “Prada”

  • Rouge Commenting On “Prada,” AKA X Khuli Chana’s Single, Says, “I’ Jealous”

Rouge Talks About "Prada," the New Single From AKA X Khuli Chana
Rouge Talks About “Prada,” the New Single From AKA X Khuli Chana


Singer Rouge’s Opinion on the AKA X Khuli Chana Single “Prada” Is “I’ Jealous.” AKA and Khuli Chana recently released the brand-new tune Prada from AKA’s upcoming Mass Country album, which went viral online. Fans were impressed by the rappers’ pen game, the they complemented one other, and the song’s tempo after hearing the rappers’ track.

A few SA rappers also expressed their feelings about the song. Rouge is the most recent artist to share her feelings about Prada. The singer of the Bongo Zaka hit claimed on that the song’s beat and overall production quality make her envious.

Rouge claimed that she was listening to the often since it showed how much she appreciates the efforts of her fellow rappers. “Prada is such a good song. replay on replay. The beat alone…I’ jealous,” Rogue tweeted.


She has been very outspoken in this regard that AKA and Khuli Chana are not the rapper’s first attempts to assist local artists.

Rouge recently criticised South Africans for not supporting their homegrown artists enough. This arose after Chris Brown’s Instagram story clip of Nasty C’s freestyle made it popular. Rouge emphasised that South Africans should support local artists before waiting for outsiders to do so.

South Africa must stop giving flowers late. People waiting for Chris Brown to repost nasty Cs freestyle. It’s been out and been fired and they only gas it after someone from the states does? SMH. Guy has been a beast”❤️ Tweeted Rouge.

The rapper hasn’t put out any new yet this year, but she did post a sneak peek of one of her most recent songs and asked her fans who they thought should be on it. “Who should I feature? Deleting soon,” she tweeted.

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