Sammie Heavens Discusses Her Reaction To Nasty C’s Highly Emotional Track “SMA”

Sammie Heavens Discusses Her Reaction To Nasty C's Highly Emotional Track "SMA"
Discusses Her Reaction To C’s Highly Emotional Track “SMA”


Discusses Her Response to C’s Emotionally Charged Song “SMA.” together with Rowlene and she acknowledges the to be very effective. Strings & Bling, C’s great sophomore album, has the moving ballad “SMA.”

Nasty C presents two perspectives on a story about a relationship that appears to have come to a standstill in the song. During a recent Q&A on Ivyson Gaming TV, a popped up for the couple on how Sammie reacted to the track. “What was Sammie’s reaction to SMA?” Read the question.


In response, Sammie stated that it was an emotional period and the two just grabbed each other in comfort. “I like I can’t remember if I really cried or if I just felt like crying, but I remember l like got on his lap and we just held each other,” she said. “Was it done?” “I don’t think it was done, it still got a little giggle in it that you took off.”

 also acknowledged how unsettled she felt listening to the track’s verses. Though C mentioned that the song’s verses were very aggressive during the conversation. “But it got real in the verses, the hook was like yeah it’s nice,” C said. In response, Sammie admitted that the verses in the make her very uncomfortable. “Those verses make me uncomfortable,” she said.

C added that it was always strange for him to sing the live when Sammie Heavens was present. “So weird got some shows but you’re just standing there like in the camera and I performed all those songs that I’ve seen and I threw SMA and I was like don’t make eye contact,” he said.

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