DJ Cuppy explains where she got the idea for her stage name.

  • DJ Cuppy reveals how she came up with her brand name

  • DJ Cuppy opens up on what made her choose her stage name.

DJ Cuppy explains where she got the idea for her stage name.
DJ Cuppy explains she got the idea for her stage name.

Celebrity Disc Jockey, DJ Cuppy has shared how she came about her stage name.

The Billionaire daughter sta with REVAMP for an interview she opened up on her career and how the music scene in the UK and Lagos differs.

When asked how she came up with her stage name, she revealed that when she started her career, someone asked what she wanted to by and a friend revealed that many people call her ‘cupcake’.

She stated that the name evolved but it was until she moved to New York and worked for Jay Z and that she learnt how to properly brand herself.

According to her, what she learnt made her realize that going by cupcake was restrictive therefore she decided to shorten it to Cuppy.


“I started my DJ career at 16 and I was so bad but desperate to get opportunities. Someone wanted to introduce me and asked me what I wanted to called and my friend was like “everyone calls her cupcake”. From there it evolved to Cupcake, Cupito etc. It wasn’t until I moved to New York for a bit to work with Jay-Z and that I learnt properly about branding. I realised the Cupcake name was restrictive so I shortened Cupcake to Cuppy.”

Also speaking on why she set to the Cuppy Foundation, she said;

“I grew up with a lot of amazing opportunities to grow and realise my passion, mainly because of coming from an entrepreneurial family. The is, Nigeria is a third-world country, so I’ve also known that my experiences were unique.

The Cuppy Foundation, which partners with Save the Children, prides itself on creating opportunities for those who don’t have them. We provide these young women a platform to have their voices heard and provide food for over 70,000 children. I really wanted to help young girls with education. You can’t help people without starting with education and it’s what has allowed me to confident and not take as an answer. Proximate philanthropy is very important to me — not just helping people from a distance. It’s been crazy to see places such as Cambridge University do a whole study on my work.”

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