Bella Shmurda reveals why he left street hustling to focus on music

  • Opens Up On How He Switched From yahoo Yahoo To Music

  • explains why he quit street hustling to concentrate on music.

Bella Shmurda reveals why he left street hustling to focus on music
reveals why left street hustling to focus on music

Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed, better known by his stage name , has opened up on how he left street hustling to focus on his music career.

Bella gave an explanation of the lyrics of his breakthrough song, “Vision 2022‘, which was a narrated account of his life, in a conversation on the Tea With Taymesan podcast.

He recalled singing in the song about receiving money from a friend named Lati, which he used to purchase a laptop.

The Newborn Fela crooner claimed that after using the laptop to “conduct business” for six months, he was having trouble making a profit.

, on the other hand, stated that before obtaining the laptop, he used to collect $100 or $200 from clients, therefore it was unpleasant for him to be unable to get additional money.

He said: “I borrowed money from Lati and went and buy lappy. I hustled for 6 months, I didn’t get money. I felt God was telling me that ‘yo you need to focus’ because normal me, even when I never buy lappy, I dey collect small small $100, $200, but when I buy big lappy wey I dey press, nothing come out.


According to the music star, he hustled for half a year and had nothing to show for it, so he felt God was trying to send him a message.

Bella continued, saying that he received a free studio session and channelled all of his sufferings into the song, which, to his surprise, became a hit.

In his words: “Then with the pain, I got small free studio session and I just spoke my mind and before I knew it, it entered.”

In the popular podcast’s viral video, Bella also discussed how his then-girlfriend Omotena became pregnant, and they had to figure out how to handle the situation.

He said: “At the same time wey this thing happen, Omotena tell me say she don get belle, my girlfriend that time, tell me say she don get belle, wey I no get house. Ah!”

Watch him speak below:

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