Jurgen Klopp compares the rebuilds at Chelsea & Liverpool

  • Jurgen Klopp compares Liverpool & Chelsea rebuilds.

Jurgen Klopp compares the rebuilds at Chelsea & Liverpool
Jurgen Klopp compares the rebuilds at Chelsea & Liverpool

Since Liverpool cannot freely spend on players like Chelsea can, Jurgen Klopp has highlighted that the rebuilding process won’t be finished ‘overnight.

The German insisted he wanted to assist the Reds update its playing squad and brand when he signed a new contract with them last season that runs through 2026.

After coming within two wins of an unprecedented quadruple last season, Liverpool have really struggled this term.

They currently sit ninth in the Premier League table and face an unfavourable matchup against Real Madrid in a repeat of last season’s Champions League final in the last 16.

Speaking on the Mike Calvin’s Football People podcast, Klopp said that Liverpool’s task to rebuild is tougher as they can’t spend vast amounts of money in the way that Chelsea have been recently.

“I’m not saying it’s the biggest challenge, but it’s a challenge, and it was one of the main reasons I signed a new contract because I knew it’s necessary,” he said.

“It will not go overnight, and imagine the situation now with another coach in the chair. I would be somewhere on holiday and everybody would shout my name ‘with it would not have happened!’ I’m obviously not a worker.


That’s it’s good how it is, because all the problems you have in a transition time period, we have an awful lot of injuries, and that makes life really complicated.

I have no problem with that because I see obviously…I know the majority of the outside world is just interested in the short term but we have to be long-term focused as well, and that’s what we are.

“There are obviously of different ways you can do it, but it’s all based on the situation you are in, especially with the things happening around, Chelsea with the new ownership obviously, nobody knows exactly how they do it, how they can spend this much money.

Other teams, nobody likes me talking about that…but transition needs time if you don’t have endless money, otherwise you can change overnight pretty much, bringing in 10 players.

“Last week I got a if I am too loyal, I’m not too loyal but questioning loyalty in general is a sign of our time, the time we are living in as well, which I really don’t like too much.

I never saw anything bad in loyalty, to be honest, to your friends, to your family, to your company, in an ideal world you are loyal, and it’s not a one-way word. That’s an ideal world when both sides feel the same and big things can grow.”


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