Rexxie opens up on creation of “Abi Kin Pe Rexxie”, “Abracadabra” and how he got his stage name.

  • Rexxie opens up on how he got his stage name and the creation of “Abracadabra”.

  • Rexxie shares how “Abi Kin Pe Rexxie” line came to be and how the lyrics changed his life

Rexxie opens up on creation of "Abi Kin Pe Rexxie", "Abracadabra" and how he got his stage name.
Rexxie opens up on the creation of “Abi Kin Pe Rexxie”, “Abracadabra” and how he got his stage name.

singer, Rexxie has opened up on how both the song, “Abracadabra” and its trending lyric, “Abi Kin Pe Rexxie” was created.

The singer sat down with CLOUT for an interview where he delved into how the song and the lyric has changed his life and how he got his stage name.

Revealing how he got his stage name, he said;

I was in a club and they said give yourself nicknames, and I like Rex, Rex means king, and I wanted to make it sexy, Rexxie…

Talking about how the “Abracadabra” collaboration came to be, the producer revealed that Skiibii initiated the idea.

According to him, Skiibii called him up, asking that they make music and gave him the direction on how to go.

Rexxie revealed that wasn’t initially on the song as the record was for Skiibii but in the process of reforming the song, he played it for who kept muttering the lyric, “Abi Kin Pe Rexxie“.

Talking about the creation of the beat, Rexxie said he heard an amapiano song, the same which Skiibii played for him and it inspired him to make something similar.


He said that he wasn’t shocked that “Abi Kin Pe Rexxie” lyric will trend and was warned that people will call him which happened after the song went viral.

When asked how many hours he spends taking phone calls, Rexxie revealed his line is always on DND but one could send him messages and he will reply.

Asked if calls from Unknown numbers make him anxious, he said that he has to see the number twice before picking and depending on how the person refers to him, he will know if he should continue the call.

Rexxie said that he is working on getting a number that will always be available for anyone to reach out to.

The Grammy-winning producer said that fans should anticipate a project from him next month.


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