TG Omori discloses how much Asake’s “Joha” video cost to shoot.

  • Fans React To Mind-Blowing Cost Of Asake’s ‘Joha’ Video Revealed By TG Omori

  • TG Omori reveals how much he was paid to shoot Asake’s “Joha” video

TG Omori discloses how much Asake's "Joha" video cost to shoot.
TG Omori discloses how much Asake’s “Joha” video cost to shoot.

TG Omori has finally revealed how much Asake’s “Joha video cost the singer.

The youthful genius was compelled to reveal the sum he is said to have received in exchange for producing Asake’s Joha video.

A tweep first made the bold claim that TG Omori did not have a video that warranted him to charge $50,000, the equivalent of N22 million in Nigerian currency for a video.

that TG was recently in the news for charging notorious street-hop singer a reduced charge of $50,000 to shoot a new video, and it appears that fans are still upset about it.

The ace video director was then burdened with informing the entire world how much he was paid for Asake Joha’s video.

According to TG Omori, Joha’s video cost around $165k, which is little more than 120 million naira.

Recall that last year, TG has actually revealed that “Joha” was the most expensive video he has shot. He stated that the budget for the video couldn’t calculated in Naira as the calculator will spoil.

Look at the screenshot of TG Omori’s tweet that has been deleted from his account.


As expected, the exorbitant charge has raised some eyebrows, with supporters taking to Twitter to express their outrage.

osaspeezzy: “So how much con GOT full season budgets. “

teewizjohnson: “Weyrey. How much dem drake come dey use $2m??”

awwal__deen: No only $165k… Everybody just dey lie 4 dis country.”

dc_grandking: “How much the video come day bring after it was published.”

tino21__: “Maybe he wan talk say “Joha video cost one 65K$” mean say there are other Johas “

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