Phyno discusses why entertainers practice Polygamy

  • Men get caught up in situations – on why entertainment players practice polygamy

  • explains why entertainers practice Polygamy

Phyno discusses why entertainers practice Polygamy
discusses why entertainers practice Polygamy

has spoken out about the widespread practice of polygamy among entertainment figures.

The rapper gave the explanation when he was asked to give his two cents on polygamy, during a recent interview with The Whistler.

asserted during the interview with The Whistler that having a child outside of marriage should not referred to as polygamy.

In his opinion, it is crucial to assume responsibility and care for the child when circumstances call for it. He further argued that home breaking is not polygamy; nonetheless, polygamy occurs when a man consciously chooses to take another wife while still married to another woman.


He said, “Homes breaking is not polygamy, polygamy is when someone willingly says ‘I’ going to marry two wives,’ some people are caught in a situation and you can’t call that polygamy so let’s clear Muslims practice polygamy.

“You Feel What Happens In The Industry Is People Getting Caught In Situations?
It can happen to you; it can happen to anyone.

“If you are caught in a situation, you have to stand up as a man and take responsibility for your child, you can’t call that polygamy. We always have to clear on this because people come out to this.

“Polygamy is when I say I’ going to marry more than one wife that’s polygamy. Situation happens to people and they are always unplanned, you called that polygamy. I don’t have any position on (polygamy).”

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