Cesar Azpilicueta comments on Mykhailo Mudryk’s debut for Chelsea.

Cesar Azpilicueta comments on Mykhailo Mudryk's debut for Chelsea.
comments on Mykhailo Mudryk’s debut for Chelsea.

believes Mykhailo Mudryk will impress and become an important player at Chelsea after joining from in January.

The Blues dethroned in the pecking order by signing the Ukraine international, who made his debut in Saturday’s 0-0 draw with Liverpool at Anfield.

While neither Mudryk nor any other player on the field were able to break the standoff between the two struggling giants, his burst of speed and technique on the ball surprised Azpilicueta, who just achieved 500 appearances for Chelsea.

“I’ve seen very focused lad with great determination, great ambition,” Azpilicueta said.


“It was his first game since November so, for him, it was like pre-season, he played 35 minutes at Anfield so it’s not the easiest debut and I think he did brilliantly.

“He has great connection with the fans as well. He’s player who can have that mix between playing good football with his feet and also running into space. You could see his speed.

“He’s very confident. The price tag, I know from the outside it’s there but we players don’t make the prices, it’s market and when you are in the market, you have competition to get players so I don’t think it has to lie on his shoulders.

“He just has to express himself the he has been doing. It’s great to see his energy and he will be very important player.”

Chelsea sit tenth in the Premier League and will not play again until early February, after being knocked out of the FA Cup.


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