Jurgen Klopp gives update on Roberto Firmino’s future

  • Jurgen Klopp provides update on Roberto Firmino’ future.

Jurgen Klopp gives update on Roberto Firmino's future
Jurgen Klopp gives update on Roberto Firmino’ future

Jurgen Klopp has disclosed that he wants to sign a new contract at but did not want to delve into why an agreement has not been reached just yet.

The Brazilian’ contract expires in the summer, and has frequently been mentioned as a potential destination for him to move to continental Europe.

Firmino has reclaimed his starting position for after losing it over the past few seasons. He has nine goals in 21 games in all competitions so far this season.

When asked about the hold up in agreeing a new contract, Klopp told the press: “They are normal things. What could be the reason from our point of view?


“There is reason to give too detailed information but when you think a bit, where could it hang? It could be the time, it could be the money or these kinds of things, but it is completely normal.

“Bobby knows the situation here and what we think of him, that’ clear. And there is nothing else to say, there is or whatever, it is just the situation. I can’t see any kind of problems there.

“He was [so important], he is. I think in the first part of the season we were not flying but Bobby was the only one who played a pretty good season. He was probably the only one who played a kind of normal season in a lot of games, at least.”

Firmino has also revealed that he would like to stay at Anfield beyond this season.

“It’ fantastic playing high-level football here with great players. I’m happy here and I intend to stay here and help Liverpool,” he recently told the media.


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