TG Omori responds after Portable complains about his fees

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  • TG Omori answers after protests about his fees.

TG Omori responds after Portable complains about his fees
TG Omori responds after complains about his fees

TG Omori has responded to who ranted about his exorbitant fees after the video Director charged him $50,000 (N22 million) for a music video.

On Thursday night, posted a video of their conversation on his Instagram story. The music video director had requested the extravagant payment in their conversation.

, who was not happy with the amount, enquired as to whether the director made videos for ghosts.

He also inquired as to whether performing rituals would help him obtain the money.

TG Omori replied to the request on Friday morning and claimed to have shot the music video for Portable’ song “Zazoo Zeh” at cost.

TG said didn’t know how the ‘Zazoo Zeh’ music video came about but is now calling him out over a discounted price.


tell Zazoo was a free video, did it without ever mentioning a word.

“Bruh has a video and never knew how it came about but is calling me out for a discounted price,” TG said in a now-deleted tweet.

According to the director, the chat happened 15 days ago and didn’t react then.

Furthermore, TG Omori believes calling him out in public is a strategy for the controversial singer to push his forthcoming video.

“Lol knows what he is doing. The message came in 15 days ago he didn’t react but boy has a new video in works.

“He’ trynna use the Blaqbonez strategy to push views. Ogbon sodiqi.”

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