Olamide Gives a Status Report on the “Unruly” Album

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  • Olamide Gives Update On ‘Unruly’ Album

Olamide Gives a Status Report on the "Unruly" Album
Olamide Gives Status Report on the “Unruly” Album

legend Olamide has recently stated that his album, named “,” is in the mixing and mastering stage, eleven months after he claimed it was 95% finished.

Following his participation with international rapper Nas on Abaga’s most recent album, “The Guy,” on the popular song “Bigger,” which was released in 2022, the multi-award-winning rapper and music mogul Olamide will be featured on DJ Spinall’s sixth album on the song “Bunda,” which will be released on the 20th of January, 2023.

The rapper is set to release his own album which might possibly be his last this year.

He recently tweeted that he should only be contacted for business and that people should not call him for assistance with personal issues.

In response to the tweet, fan enquired as to whether the YBNL leader still intended to release the much-anticipated album.

Olamide answered that the record is currently in the mixing and mastering stages, meaning that he is done recording and putting the final touches on the songs that will make the album.

“Mixing and mastering as we speak,” the ‘Voice of the Street’ rapper tweeted.


This comes after the heavyweight rapper recently took to Instagram to share snippet of song where he sampled the legendary 9ice’s classic song “Kinda Life.”

Recall that Olamide stated in February 2022 that he will likely retire from the music industry following the release of his upcoming studio album, “.”

The “” hitmaker stated on his platforms that “” is 95% finished, but no release date has been established.

He added that it might very well be his final album and that he is taking his time to make it the best one ever.

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