Seyi Vibez names Burna Boy as his biggest motivation, reveals his style of music

  • ‘Burna Boy is my biggest motivation,’ Seyi Vibez tells Apple Music Radio

  • Seyi Vibez calls Burna Boy his biggest motivation, hints at other career paths

Seyi Vibez names Burna Boy as his biggest motivation, reveals his style of music
Seyi Vibez names Burna Boy as his biggest motivation, reveals his style of music

Nigerian street hop singer, Seyi Vibez has confessed that Burna Boy is his biggest inspiration and identified his musical style as Afro-soul in an interview with Apple Music Africa Now Radio.

When asked about the style of music he creates in the interview with Dada Boy Ehiz, Seyi Vibez defined it as an Afrobeats sound that incorporates Soul music while also drawing inspiration from Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat, Islamic, and Celestial influences (the Celestial Church of Christ is well-known white garment Christian organisation formed in western Nigeria and with branches all over the world).

“My sound is just afro soul, some Fela Kuti vibe, some Islamic vibe, some celestial thing. It’s mixture of lot of things.”

The fast-rising musician, whose 2022 album “Billion Dollar Baby” catapulted him to mainstream prominence, claimed that he crafts conscious music, quality he still maintains while fusing South African Amapiano style.

“I would describe my sound [as] Afro-soul. I do conscious music lot, anyone that knows Seyi Vibez knows me with lot of conscious sounds, so when I started doing the South African Amapiano to my fusion, I started putting my conscious sound on it, even though there are fast beats, there are slow beats, I started adding my conscious sounds to it so that makes it more of my genre.”


Seyi Vibez on Apple Music Radio

Seyi Vibez further revealed that his sound is original as he isn’t trying to like anyone else.

“I’m not trying to sound like no one, it’s just pure me. The way I sing from way back, I also know how to put it on fast beats, so everything’s just going.”

Videos of Burna Boy joyfully singing along to Seyi Vibez’s “Chance” have surfaced on social media. The two have also been seen together, and Seyi Vibez admits to Ehiz that Burna Boy is major source of inspiration for him.

“From Burna Boy, it’s the biggest motivation I have now. Up to now. It’s the biggest motivation, like “Seyi don’t stop, just keep up. They insult you, they like you or not, don’t stop! Just keep moving.”

Seyi Vibez’s music and sense of style have been compared to Asake, whose string of songs dominated 2022. However, Seyi Vibez informs Ehiz that he is fashion boy who enjoys making statement with his sense of style.

He also mentioned that he would interested in launching fashion line in the future. He mentioned that he was developing his own fashion brand and that he wanted people to know more about it.

“I like Balenciagas a lot and I like to create them in my own way. I’m just… fashion boy. I’m precious but I’m precious fashion. to impress! I like creating things in my own way.”

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