Rudeboy apologizes to Comedian, AY after tackling him over 2023 elections

  • 2023 elections: Rudeboy apologizes to comedian AY Makun over ‘don’t stand on the fence comment’

  • Rudeboy apologizes to comedian AY after accusing him of being undecided over the 2023 elections.

Rudeboy apologizes to Comedian, AY after tackling him over 2023 elections
Rudeboy apologizes to Comedian, AY after tackling him over 2023 elections

Rudeboy has expressed regret for his last remark to comedian AY Makun, in which he urged him to quit hesitating and declare his preference for the general elections in 2023.

The comedian and father of two was invited to back a candidate ahead of the elections by Paul Okoye, a steadfast supporter of Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi.

It all began when AY Makun uploaded a post regarding Peter Obi, Bola Tinubu, and Atiku on his Instagram page a few hours ago.

On his page, the comedian reposted a piece that listed all people registered to vote in the 2023 presidential election.

The post reads: “Knowing that we have 70,473,990 under the age of 49 years out of the 93,469,008 total registered voters for the 2023 presidential election, with a percentage of about 75%, it is clear that the youths cannot be disregarded this time. So where does your PVC direct you?”

It held the caption: “Can your level of Atikulation to this be traced to your senses of Obedience in saying “EMI lokan?”

Reacting to AY’s Instagram post. Rudeboy tackled the comedian for not picking a side and sitting on the fence.

Using AY as a contact point for other celebrities yet to come public with their preferred presidential candidate, the “Audio Money” crooner advised they quit their hidden games.

Rudeboy wrote: “Bro make Una no dey stand for fence.”

But the actor responding to the singer noted: “@iamkingrudy some of us do pass you for this matter. If you no know ask questions, you get my number.”


Feeling pressed to respond in detail to his colleague’s curiosity, AY on second thought informed him that what he does goes beyond merely entertaining the ‘Obidients’ for a fee. Rather he has been fully occupied with sitting and planning strategically with stakeholders for a better Nigeria.

He added: “@iamkingrudy No need to even call me. Make I answer you here, since you already get idea of wetin you don plan to achieve with this comment.

“There is a major difference in entertaining the Obedient audience at a fee and sitting planning strategically and directly with stakeholders for a better Nigeria.

“Our Endsars Social media showcase only cost us innocent lives without getting the expected results.

“To you on social media, I am sitting on the fence. Do you, and what you understand for now. But you will only apologize later.”

Perceiving he may have goofed with his initial ‘attack’ on the humor merchant, King Rudy apologised.

He said: “@aycomedian I will not apologize later … I will apologize right now …. And very sorry bro how my comment turns out … yes you are right about having your number, but the honest truth is that we’ve gone beyond pvc registration to almost with collecting pvc ….. is almost a month to election my brother ….

“Look how the country is going backwards every single day …. It’s painful, we might be comfortable for who we are … but look around you, people are suffering….

“No vex bro …. I only wish we all get it right this time … you said , you been playing your part which I have witnessed in your shows personally.”

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