10 Nigerian songs from 2022 still ruling the airwaves in 2023

  • 10 Nigerian songs from 2022 that are still popular in 2023.

  • The top ten Nigerian songs from 2022 that people are still listening to in 2023.

10 Nigerian songs from 2022 still ruling the airwaves in 2023
10 Nigerian songs from 2022 still ruling the airwaves in 2023

It might be 2023, but there are certain Nigerian songs from 2022 that we can’t still forget.

You might argue and say it’ because artists are yet to new songs in the year, but it still won’t change the fact that the previous year blessed us with hits and they are here to stay.

From Zinoleesky’ chart-topping “Personal” to Ruger’ braggadocious tune, ‘Asiwaju” these 10 Nigerian songs from 2022 are still dominating the airwaves in 2023.


Personal- Zinoleesky

Zinoleesky – Personal
Zinoleesky – Personal

Zinoleesky’ EP, “Grit and Lust” came late in the year but it didn’t stop the songs on the project to make waves on streaming platforms. “Personal” the lead single off the project will always be remembered as the track that dethroned Ruger’s “Asiwaju” from its one-month hold over Apple’s Top 100: Nigeria chart.

Asiwaju- Ruger

Ruger - Asiwaju [Lyrics]
Ruger – Asiwaju [Lyrics]
Ruger did his thing with “Asiwaju” and true to its name, the song made sure it was always ahead of others on charts. The lyric, the flow, the rhythm, every ingredient that was needed to make it a hit, Ruger made sure they were all available.

Soso- Omah Lay

Omah Lay - Soso [Lyrics]
Omah Lay – Soso [Lyrics]
Omah Lay released his debut album, “Boy Alone” in 2022 and many will agree it was one of the year’ best albums. For some reason, one of its best songs, “Soso” started gaining traction in the new year after being underrated in the previous year.

Probably because many people decided to finally listen to the lyrics which they found relatable to many issues.

Abracadabra- Rexxie ft Naira Marley, Skiibii

10 Nigerian songs from 2022 still ruling the airwaves in 2023
Abracadabra- Rexxie ft Naira Marley, Skiibii

Abi Kin pe Rexxie” is currently the hardest intro you will hear on any song and it’ so catchy that it is becoming a popular slang on social media. For some reason, the line sticks in your brain glue and refuses to leave until you are playing another song on a loudspeaker.

And, Skiibii did a great job with the hook and chorus.

Xtra Cool- Young Jonn

Young Jonn – Xtra Cool
Young Jonn – Xtra Cool

Whoever is the Uloma that had Young Jonn standing on his ten toes, God Bless You wherever you are.

Just like “Finesse” finally gave Pheelz the solid proof he needed as evidence of the reward of the risk he took for transitioning from being a producer to a musician, “Xtra Cool” made sure that whoever wasn’t still convinced even after “Dada“, that Young Jonn had what it takes to make it as an artist, was proved wrong.

Sweet Us- Timaya


Timaya is an Industry OG but every time he pops up on the radio, he keeps reinventing himself in a good way. It was only a veteran him that knew how to properly convert a hilarious song from Wike’ live band into a hit.

Chance (Na ham)-

Seyi Vibez - Billion Dollar Baby 2.0 Album
Seyi Vibez – Billion Dollar Baby 2.0 Album

Seyi Vibez is getting his flowers and deservedly so. “” is a great song that proves Seyi Vibez has always been a true born of the street.

Alone- Burna Boy

Alone” is another proof that Burna Boy is a great addition to a Movie soundtrack cause he will never fail.

The message of “Alone” is tragedy, heartbreak, and redemption, with Burna Boy assuming the role of a melancholy hero.

Burna Boy reaches out to his audience by describing how the hero’ only solace throughout their silent suffering is his memories.


Last Time- Zinoleesky ft Omah Lay


Zinoleesky and Omah Lay is a long overdue collaboration but no matter how late it is (it’ not), listeners are happy nevertheless.

Cough (Odo)- Kizz Daniel

Kizz Daniel - Cough
Kizz Daniel – Cough

Whatever soap Kizz Daniel used for 2022, worked well. After dominating the airwaves with “Buga“, his next offering “Cough” was another banger that made waves. It might not surpass Buga’ massive streaming numbers but it can still stand its own ground among other songs.

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