See how Shakira found out her ex, Gerard Pique was cheating

  • Shakira learned about Gerard Pique cheating through ’empty jam bottle’.

  • Shakira ‘worked out Gerard Piqué was cheating after finding jam in fridge’.

See how Shakira found out her ex, Gerard Pique was cheating
See how Shakira found out her ex, Gerard Pique was cheating

According to reports, Shakira “figured out” that her ex Gerard Pique was cheating after seeing her strawberry jam eaten in their fridge when she returned from her trip.

The Colombian singer, 45, and Pique, 35, split up last summer and have since been involved in a contentious argument that is thought to be related to the Barcelona footballer’s relationship with 23-year-old Clara Chia. The new couple started dating in October of last year.

The singer seemingly came to an empty bottle of jam in the fridge, knowing both her ex and her kids did not like eating it.

Gerard and Clara allegedly started dating before his marriage to Shakira ended, and ever since the two announced their separation, rumours have been circulating about Pique’s suspected adultery.

Mum-of-two Shakira has made references to the alleged adultery both in her music and most recently in the music video for “Te Felicito.”

In the music video, Shakira discovers Rauw Alejandro’s head inside a refrigerator, leading viewers to believe that she discovered the “truth in the fridge.”

And now it has been reported that this is what happened when Shakira arrived from a trip to discover an empty jam jar, despite the fact that Pique nor her children were fans of the preserve, according to a number of South American news agencies.

According to claims made by ShowNews Today, Pique is alleged to dislike jam, therefore it was improbable that he would have consumed the jam, leading her to believe that he was “cheating.”

After 11 years together, Shakira and Gerard called it quits in May of last year. Shakira was reportedly going to leave her ex-partner and move to Miami this month with the couple’s 2 children.

The transfer, it seems, has been put on hold because Shakira’s 91-year-old father is currently being treated in a hospital in Barcelona.

According to insiders, Shakira’s bitter argument with her partner Pique and his new love interest served as the basis for a new “revenge” song.


In her latest song, 45-year-old Shakira takes aim at her ex-footballer and his current 23-year-old lover Clara Chia.

Since it is rumoured that Gerard and Clara started dating before his marriage to Shakira ended, the song’s harsh Spanish lyrics that are translated into English criticise her ex’s behaviour.

The diva has, however, had the last laugh in her verbal battle with Gerard because her “revenge” made her a sizable sum of money.

In her brand-new song, “BZRP Music Sessions Vol 53,” Shakira made mention to her ex-partner. Pique has made fun of the lyrics with a number of marketing gimmicks, but Shakira will not be too bothered because the has been quite popular on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and others.

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