Antonio Conte discloses English football’s ‘bad habit’

  • Antonio Conte reveals English football’s ‘bad habit’.

Antonio Conte discloses English football's'bad habit'
Antonio Conte discloses English football’s ‘bad habit’

Antonio Conte has claimed that English football has the “poor habit” of regularly putting up managers to speak for the entire club.

Tottenham’s manager has been chastised for a terrible of five victories in 12 Premier League games, while the team’s performances have also been criticized for their sluggishness.

Conte is frequently questioned at press conferences about player injuries and the club’s transfer plan, but ahead of Tottenham’s trip to Manchester City on Thursday, he lamented that it is not fair to expect him to have an answer for every question.

“In England, there is a bad habit that there is only the coach to speak and to explain. I have never seen the medical department come here to explain why this player is having difficulty to recover. It’s the same also, I have never seen the club or sporting director come here to explain the strategy and vision of the club,” he said.


“In for example, before every game there is a person from the club who has to go before the media and answer every question. For us, it could be really really better. Because otherwise, every time there is only one face to explain a situation which I think is better for the club to explain. But this is a habit and I respect this habit.

“In Italy, it’s different, the person from the club during the game week speaks and explains many situations. If only the coach speaks there are sometimes misunderstandings. I think it would be good to have the club present in the media and to speak. Not every week but at least every 15 days or once a month.

“In this way it could also be more simple for you [the media] to understand the situation. And not only have one face and always the same face. Believe me it’s difficult because every thing [I] say could be a criticism or negative, and this is not the truth.”

When asked if he had asked senior club officials to show their face more, Conte replied:I am not going to ask anything.

“This type of situation is good for every club: ‘don’t go into the media’. In this type of situation, it’s a risk to speak always to explain this type of situation. The coach has to stay silent and accept the situation.”

Daniel Levy, the chairman of Tottenham, has recently come in for criticism from Spurs fans. He typically only comments on behalf of the team at the conclusion of seasons, while managing director of football Fabio Paratici rarely does so.


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