Mr. P warns people making threats on P-square’s career over elections

  • Stop empty threats on P Square’ career, Mr P warns

  • Mr. P issues a warning to anyone threatening the career of P-Square over elections.

Mr. P warns people making threats on P-square's career over elections
Mr. P warns people making threats on P-square’ career over elections

Singer Peter Okoye, better known by his stage name Mr. P, has responded to those have threatened the PSquare band because of their backing of Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate for the 2023 election.

He called their professional bluff by pointing out that their music has reached audiences outside of Africa and the country.

According to Mr P in a tweet said: “Dear @psquare Super fans! Thanks for the love and support over the years!

“And for you PDAPC people! Elections will come and go! And we will all move on! Remember, Our music today has gone beyond Nigeria and Africa!

”So, stop making empty threats over our so-called career!”


In another tweet celebrating P-square in Dakar at the AFRIMA award, he wrote;

“Our Last I just posted in Senegal🇸🇳 is a really a pain in the A$$😂🤣 PDAPC pple Una go cry more! Election will come and go! And we go still dey ball💯 UP NEXT CAMEROON & EUROPE TOUR!😁”

A fan also took to to remark about one of P-square ‘ songs being played at the Saudi Arabia Super cup and mocking people claimed that the duo supporting will affect their career.

Mr. P quoted the tweet wrote;

“😂🤣😂🤣 abi na!”

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