Don Jazzy discloses the number of faithful men he knows.

  • I only know four faithful men in the world – Don Jazzy

  • Don Jazzy reveals how many faithful men he knows

Don Jazzy discloses the number of faithful men he knows.
Don Jazzy discloses the number of faithful men he knows.

Don Jazzy has stated that with the exception of four friends, the majority of his friends cheat on their wives.

The award- music producer claimed that out of all the men he knows, only four are devoted to their partners.

This was spoken by Don Jazzy in response to a question on the, Frankly Speaking, Podcast with Nedu Wazoia, Naomi, Husband Material (Chukwudi), and Adetoun.

He did, however, say that aside from the fact that they are cheats, the men adore their wives and take excellent care of them.

The producer claimed that when he observes how his friends treat their spouses, he occasionally wishes he had a lifelong companion. However, because he does not believe in committing to one lady, this does not happen.

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During the same interview, Don J shared his interesting perspectives about his personal life and marriage, revealing his ideal partner and why he can’t stick to one now.

The Mavin chief claimed that he was still in love with his music and did not want to marry someone else in order to ruin it once more with the same mistakes.

He claimed that because troublemakers constantly cause problems to spiral out of control, he doesn’t want one around.

Jazzy acknowledged that he finds it difficult to comprehend the thought of being tied to one lady for the rest of his life. He claims that when he meets the lady he loves, this could alter in the future.

He said in parts, “I wouldn’t be able to process the fact that I like this person, every other person should go to hell. As of now, in my life, maybe when that butterfly hits me as it hits you people when you in love, I will then say, every other person is fucked, and this is who I like.”

He also gave reasons for why he thinks marriage has been misrepresented as a plan to fight poverty, which he thinks shouldn’t be the case.

Don Jazzy emphasized that he wants a woman who is kind, understanding, and not a troublemaker when asked about the kind of woman he desires.

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