Peter Okoye Accused Of Tribal Bigotry After Staking 10 million

  • accused of tribal bigotry.

  • Netizens dig out receipts of the singer’s statement.

    Peter Okoye Accused Of Tribal Bigotry After Staking 10 million
    Accused Of Tribal Bigotry After Staking 10 million

Mr P of the P-Square music group has been accused of making a bigoted, tribal statement after betting ten million.

This comes following a petition against the well-known singer and actor Ibrahim Ashimi, better known as Brymo, for his persistent anti-Igbo remarks, over 20,000 have signed this.

Brymo claimed in a series of tweets that he is not sorry for his remarks about the likelihood of an easterner the nation’s president.

Due to the agitation for Biafra, the singer had drawn criticism for his stance against the Igbos and his claim that an Igbo presidency would only be a “pipe dream.”

Paul Okoye criticized Brymo after being offended by the singer’s remarks, saying that while the elections will come and go, insulting a specific region of Nigeria was unacceptable.

what you are preaching.. election will come and go, we all will move on.. But you decided to be a tribal bigot because you think you are getting some attention by insulting a particular region of Nigeria and some people are praising you. as an artiste i’m only disappoint,” he wrote.

Angered by the petition against Brymo for his anti-Igbo comments, several online users accused the singing twins of making prejudiced remarks about other tribes.

In response, challenged anyone with evidence of any ethnic statement made by himself or his twin, offering 10 million.

In his words: “With 10 million Naira! I challenge any one to screenshot a tweet where me or my twin insulted a whole region or tribe or even spot any ethnic bigotry statement. We are campaigning strongly for our Candidate without insulting any other candidate. Let’s call a spade a spade!”


Following his response, netizens dug out the derogatory remark he wrote against the “Abokis”.

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