DJ Cuppy hits back at man who called her Stingy.

  • Slams Man Who Called Her Stingy.

  • calls troll entitled after he insulted her

DJ Cuppy hits back at man who called her Stingy.
hits back at man who called her Stingy.

chastised an entitled man who accused her of being stingy.

had used Twitter to derogatorily communicate his sentiments about her.

He checked in on her and described her as stingy.

“How far stingy cuppy”, he wrote.

Cuppy retaliated by calling him out on his entitlement.

“How far entitled Babatunde”, she responded.

See the tweet below:

’s exchange with the troll soon went viral on social media and a number of netizens were very impressed by it.

According to some of them, her response was perfect. Read some of their comments below:

pepepretti_herself: “Duh! She went to Oxford . Reply on point Cuppy “

luckieijay: “Best Response.”

jovial.ace: “Only beggars knows a lot of stingy people.”

l.tobiloba: “Entitled”I love her response. By their tweet we know them Urgent 2K. It’s obvious this Banbiala has been in her DM from Jan – Dec.”

veevogee: “This response went to Harvard.”

emmcee_rnb: “ give, collect.”


Meanwhile, days ago, hinted at marriage with her life partner, Ryan Taylor.

Cuppy accepted the proposal of British boxer Ryan Taylor on November 20, 2022, while she was in the middle of an event.

She was overcome with emotion because she claims she has never been lucky in relationships.

Following the proposal, Ryan’s influencer ex-girlfriend surfaced, causing some controversy.

After the drama, to which Cuppy pretended to be unconcerned, she revealed that they had only met 25 days before his proposal.

Cuppy has now taken to Twitter to make a marriage proposal to Ryan, adding that she is now known as “Mrs Certi”.

“Call me MRS. CERTI” with a ring emoji with it”, she penned.

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