Lady Du is robbed as she attempts to help a fake GBV victim.

  • Lady Du gets robbed while trying to assist a fake GBV victim

  • While attempting to help a phoney GBV sufferer, Lady Du is robbed.

Lady Du is robbed as she attempts to help a fake GBV victim.
Lady Du is robbed as she attempts to help a fake GBV victim.


Duduzile Ngwenya, also known as Lady Du and an Amapiano star, admitted that she was robbed while attempting to help a fictitious victim of gender-based abuse.

On Twitter, Lady Du described her struggle to her followers. She said that a mysterious woman had defrauded her along with other of her friends and fled with her possessions.

Lady Du claimed she went to the ATM to get money for the woman claimed to need it to help her suffering children but was actually attacked and robbed.

“Be careful at ATMs,” tweeted the star.

“I was helping a lady that was crying her eyes out, said her husband hit her she needs money for her school kids.

“I went to draw I don’t carry cash (and) the next thing some guys snatched my wallet and belongings. When I looked to speak to the woman she wasn’t there.”

The celebrity informed her followers that she was unharmed despite still being shocked by the situation. She continued by saying that, despite the hardship, she will continue to assist those are legitimately in need.

“My brother, I’m a God-fearing woman, this was the first time I experienced such, it doesn’t change my heart,” the singer stated in response to a worried fan urged her to exercise greater caution while attempting to assist total strangers.


“Helping people is in my blood. I just need to be careful. God blesses us to bless others.

She added: “I’m ok, I just have to get a new licence and ID 😭😭😭😭 they were working together the CCTV shows them talking to each other 💔💔💔 it’s ok though. I learned my lesson.”

Thandeka Dawn King, an award- actress, last week alerted her 2.2 million followers regarding fraudsters using her name and images to promote their weight reduction goods.

“My Facebook page has been hacked; I am currently not active on Facebook,” wrote the former “Diep City” star.

“Please don’t fall for this or any other scams on Facebook or any social media platforms using and my images. I have not endorsed any weight loss products,” added the star.

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