Donglez Records Releases Reggae-Inspired Album ‘Heart of Kingston’ | Listen

Donglez Records releases a brand new studio album titled, ‘Heart of Kingston’.

Donglez Records Releases Reggae-Inspired Album'Heart of Kingston' | Listen
Donglez Records Releases Reggae-Inspired Album ‘Heart of Kingston’ | Listen

Donglez Records’ latest album, “Heart of Kingston,” is the fruitful union of numerous up-and-coming Reggae musicians and well-known performers including Luciano, Mickey General, Little Hero, and Chuck Fender.

It consists of 12 amazing tracks – each without a feature, but swiftly delivered rhythmically, and seductively!

Every track features perfectly crisp and densely rich production and orchestration, and the bouncing off-beats are so danceable that it’s impossible not to boogie along.

Heart of Kingston is a wonderfully great CD that captures the true of the Reggae sound with astonishingly soulful vocal performances on every track mixed with a gorgeously complementary background choir.

Orrett Tomlin founded Donglez Records because “music has always been a love and passion,” which eventually led to the establishment of this record label; a grassroots, local, and sincere business devoted to supporting the development of up-and-coming Reggae artists, particularly in London.

Being brought up on such a rich musical consisting of a tasteful blend of Reggae and soulful music subsequently led to the diverse mix of artists signed to Donglez Records and reflects their essential influence in the future of Reggae in the modern music industry.

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