Joeboy Shares His Thoughts On Asking One’s Partner For ‘Body Counts’

  • Joeboy feels its useless to ask a lover for body counts.

  • Joeboy’s thoughts sparks reactions.

    Joeboy Shares His Thoughts On Asking One's Partner For'Body Counts'
    Joeboy Shares His Thoughts On Asking One’s Partner For ‘Body Counts

Afropop singer, Joeboy has kicked against the idea of asking one’s partner about their body counts.

The singer expressed his opinion on his Twitter page on saying, claiming it’s unnecessary to ask such questions.

The singer claims that it is best to refrain from asking because it is impossible to tell whether someone’s response is genuine.

The total number of partners a person has slept with is known as their body count. Couples frequently inquire about one another’s body count, at least in Africa.

“Asking for body count is pointless. they tell you that it’s three, how do you know it’s three for real?” Joeboy wrote.

Tweeps on social media have since reacted to his statement, with a cross-section agreeing, while others having their reasons for asking.

@Sinachi78952789 wrote “ she doesn’t wet too many body counts she doesn’t cum as you are cumming too many body counts If you remove it to change style and it drys up too many body counts I can go on and on.”

While @jovita_uba opined that ” You are wrong. some women naturally find it had to get wet. In fact, women have been more sexually active over D years tend to have bodies that responds faster to sexual activities. They get wet faster compared to their counterparts had been dominant or less active.”

@iKaptainKush on the other hand wrote “As time goes on, you would find out unless you lack communication and investigation skills.”

Meanwhile, @cert_harbie believes that “Even na 3 or whatever number, wetin people wan use the number do actually 🙂🙂 judge the person’s morals? Determin the person’s sexual appeal? Cuz i just don’t get it fr”

See his post below:

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