NBA Youngboy reportedly gets married to Girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle

  • NBA Youngboy marries Girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle

  • NBA Youngboy ties the knot with Girlfriend

NBA Youngboy reportedly gets married to Girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle
NBA Youngboy reportedly gets married to Girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle

NBA Youngboy reportedly married his long-term lover Jazz Mychelle, who also appeared on the cover of the rapper’s 2022 mixtape Ma’ I Got a Family.

Even though neither party has publicly acknowledged their marriage, a copy of a Utah County marriage licence with just their first names — Kentrell Gaulden and Jazlyn Mychelle Hayes — appeared online on Sunday (January 8).

The licence did not indicate whether a wedding ceremony was performed, nor when the licence was obtained.

The state does not mandate that couples a specific of before being married, according to the Utah County website, however it is recommended that the licence be obtained 10–14 days before the ceremony.

The site further states that a ceremony must be completed within 32 days from the date the marriage license was issued.


NBA Youngboy and Jazz Mychelle, who have been together for just over two years, welcomed their first child, a named Alice, in 2021.

On September 28, 2022, they also made the announcement of the birth of their son. The children are respectively Youngboy’s ninth and tenth offspring.

On Instagram in February of last year, Philadelphia-based Shyne Jewelers displayed a magnificent engagement ring that the Baton Rouge rapper had reportedly bought for his girlfriend.

The ring, which has 30 karats of GIA-certified diamonds, has a sizable centre stone that is encircled by numerous lesser sparkling stones.

Back in December, the I Rest My Case creator inadvertently announced that he was going to marry his ladylove in January of 2023. While chatting with his fans on Instagram Live, the “Purge Me” rapper said that he was lonely. That’s when someone in the comment section suggested he get on OnlyFans.

In response, NBA YoungBoy blurted out the date of his nuptials.

“This nigga said OnlyFans,” he said while speaking to another person who was in the room with him. “I’m getting married January 7. Boy, you can’t pay me $10 million to get on muthafuckin’ OnlyFans, nigga. You crazy.”

“I was jocein’, I was jocein’, bih,” he continued. “You can’t pay me 10 mill to get on no muthafuckin’ OnlyFans. I’m lonely ’cause I ain’t got no fans. Everybody stop liking me, son. So what I’m supposed to do?”

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