AKA announces the date of the release of upcoming album “Mass Country”

  • The upcoming album “Mass Country” by AKA has release date revealed.

  • AKA reveals release date for upcoming album, ‘Mass Country’

AKA announces the date of the release of the upcoming album "Mass Country"
AKA announces the date of the release of the upcoming album “Mass Country”


For several months, AKA has been hinting towards the release of his new album, “Mass Country.” meanwhile AKA recently discussed his role as the head of the local hip hop in an interview with media personality and entrepreneur Siya “Slikour” Metane before revealing the album’s release date.

The 33-year-old responded to Slikour’s query regarding his drop in musical success over the previous several years as the interview’s opening statement.

“The last two years have been weird for me personally, but also for in general because of Covid. When Covid came around had to adapt.

“You can’t go out and perform the music anymore so I think that had a effect on what type of music was made … hip hop was on the back burner in terms of lot of people’s attention.

“I don’t think it died or anything like that, I think things ebb and flow,” he said.


The “Fela In Versace” crooner continued by saying that he would return to the vintage sound that first made for his future album.

He also gave props to younger artists for holding the fort while he was absent, before adding that he was back to lead the game: “Hip hop is community and community needs leadership. And we are the leaders so we’re here to lead.”

“Lemons (Lemonade),” the album’s lead track, continues to climb the charts and garner attention on several streaming services.

“I never take it for granted when you put out music and people receive it well, especially when I’ve been doing this as long as I’ve been doing it now. I think now than ever, having gone through the ups and downs, I’m appreciative of the success and I’m bit more for the success,” he said.

He also said that because he intended to lead by example, he wouldn’t brag about his accomplishments as much as he had in the past.

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