Betusile Mcinga takes secular music to the test by winning a prized radio award

  • By winning the prized radio award, Betusile advances secular music.

  • Betusile puts secular music to the sword by clinching coveted radio gong

Betusile Mcinga takes secular music to the test by winning a prized radio award
Betusile Mcinga takes secular music to the test by winning a prized radio award


Ngena Noah, a popular song by award-winning gospel performer Betusile Mcinga, successfully ushered Umhlobo Wenene FM listeners into the New Year.

Ngena Noah, a well-known song by the award-winning gospel singer Betusile Mcinga, was a in ringing in the New Year for listeners of Umhlobo Wenene FM.

The song triumphed over top singles like Ngeke by Big Nuz starring DJ Yamza, Ivolovolo by Big Zulu featuring Xowla, Bastrata by DJ Maphorisa & Visca, Sikilidi by featuring General, C’mane, and Dladla Mshunqisi, Sete by KO featuring Young Stunna & Blxckie Sete, Thungisani by Mali Soul, Soft Life by

On the other hand, Ngena Noah finished fourth with a little over 30,000 votes in the top 10 of Ingoma Ehlukanisa Unyaka, Ukhozi FM’ rendition of Song of the New Year.

On New Year’ Eve, Mcinga watched the developments on both radio stations as he travelled from one to another in Port St. Johns, Eastern Cape.

“While we were driving, I was listening to both radio stations. We tuned into Umhlobo in the car and had Ukhozi FM playing on the phone. When Ukhozi played my song at number four, we easily focused on Umhlobo. After playing the number three song, they said they were going to play the winning song and play the runner-up after 12. While anxiously waiting I heard the intro of Ngena Noah and I knew I’d won. It was a crazy moment. My team and I stopped at a garage and celebrated.”

“I am glad that the competition was introduced this year [on Umhlobo] and I am its first-time winner. The win means a lot to me. The cherry on top is that I was also in both top 10 of big radio stations and competing with some of SA’ songs.”

Mcinga gave the old traditional song Ngena Noah new life by rewriting it and adding a new verse. It is still sung in churches and at community events. The artist, who enjoys making hymns and folk music popular, was compelled to record and release it after it gained significant traction on social media for several months.


Betusile Mcinga is very appreciative of the fact that Ngena Noah shattered the mould for evangelical music and that his songs were even performed in taverns.

“The song’ popularity was overwhelming because it trended on TikTok and people showed that they love it. For a gospel song to win a song of the year meant that people received the song and its message well. Secondly, the win also meant that the gospel was powerful enough to compete with other genres.

“When you do traditional music there is always negativity that we sing hymns and traditional songs. People always ask why we are not writing new songs forgetting that we understand our fans better. The people who love my music are matured people who still love the old traditional gospel music.”

Mcinga  formally published the song in September, and he attributes the song’ popularity to the musicians he collaborated with, including Mxolisi Mhlongo and the supporting vocalists Buhle Nhlangulele, Futhi Mhlongo, and Muzie B. He thinks the song’ supporting vocalists give it the calibre it merits.

The gospel singer from Gatyana in the Eastern Cape has been singing the song since 2015, despite the fact that it first gained popularity in 2022. People asked where they could get the song everywhere he performed it, and he always got favourable feedback.

“The turning point was when I sang the song during the Education Career Expo in the Eastern Cape with school learners loving it. I was singing it with kids and the they received the song was very overwhelming even MEC of education Fundile Gade appealed to me to record it. We also created a Ngena Noah challenge for schools, and for those who received more views, we visited them. I remember when I sang it even [fellow gospel star] Dumi Mkokstad asked me if was I going to record the song.”

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