Victony’s mother writes an emotional birthday note to the singer.

  • Victony’s Mum Pens Emotional Note To Singer On 22nd

  • Victony’s mother sends a heartfelt message to the singer.

Victony's mother writes an emotional birthday note to the singer.
Victony’s mother writes an emotional note to the singer.

Victony, a musician, received an emotional letter from his mother on his 22nd birthday, explaining certain things that happened to her while she was carrying him.

On Thursday afternoon, he posted a screenshot of the messages to his social media accounts.

In the screenshot, his mother describes how she nearly died from an asthma attack while she was carrying him.

When she was in labour, she and his father were involved in an accident as they were travelling to the hospital to give birth.

She said she could not deliver the baby because the umbilical cord was wrapped around him.

She also stated that Victony contracted measles a month after his birth and had a cold a year later, which resulted in unpredictable asthma attacks.

She also brought up the incident involving the artist in April 2021, which left his companion dead and him in severe condition.

She claims that she is telling him all of these stories in order to help him realise that he is unique and that God has been supporting him throughout his struggles.


With his chart-topping discography, the 22-year-old virtuoso has emerged as one of his generation’s most dynamic voices in just two short years, spreading the message of confidence through his repertoire.

Victony, despite having a highly brave demeanour, has nevertheless experienced many terrifying moments. Victony, recently graduated as a Petroleum Engineering student at Imo State University, survived an automobile accident that killed his companion Doyin and left him wheelchair-bound for several months in late April in 2021.

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