Meek Mill reveals he will be visiting Nigeria next

  • Meek Mill announces plans to visit Nigeria.

  • Meek Mill declares his intention to travel to Nigeria.

Meek Mill reveals he will be visiting Nigeria next
Meek Mill reveals he will be visiting next

Meek Mill has announced that will be the second African country he visits after Ghana.

Recall that the Grammy-winning Hip Hop performer spent the previous week having fun and performing at the 2022 Afrochella in Ghana.

On January 3, 2023, he stated on his Twitter account that his next stop will be Nigeria.

While he kept his to live in the country with the largest black population a secret and did not give a precise date or explanation, he managed to excite his supporters.

Even though his coming was anticipated with some apprehension, people took the to share their worries with him.

Mill tweeted; “I’m coming to next✨”


In a follow-up tweet, the rapper declared Africa as the biggest continent in the world.

Africa is the biggest continent in the world we need to get together!

A fan also asked him about him about his stolen incident which happened in Ghana and if he got the gadget back.

The rapper in response revealed that the wasn’t stolen but he accidentally dropped it. He also said that the was returned to him.

“I dropped it I thought that! Yeah they did give it back! It was all love!”

Meek also stated that he needs distribution agencies in both and the UK.

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