Brymo Criticizes Chimamanda Adichie for Turning Down National Honor.

  • Brymo Condemns Chimamanda Adichie’ Rejection Of National Honour

  • slam Brymo for saying Chimamanda Adichie’ acceptance of chieftaincy title dents Igbo’ quest for the presidency

Brymo Criticizes Chimamanda Adichie for Turning Down National Honor.
Brymo Criticizes Chimamanda Adichie for Turning Down National Honor.

Brymo has criticised Chimamanda Adichie for purportedly rejecting President Muhammadu Buhari’ National Honor and then accepting a chieftaincy title in her birthplace of Abba, Anambra state.

The “Heya” performer referred to the refusal as “blackmail” and added that it is an insult to Peter Obi, an Igbo candidate for president in the next 2023 election.

“Chimamanda refusing national honours, yet accepting chieftaincy title in her village, is a jab to Peter Obi’ race. She’ an eastern mother. She’s that important. This conversation is not about elections,” Brymo said in a Twitter space.

The vocal musician continued, “It’ about our collective healing. It would have been nice if Chimamanda took the award, then stated her reasons. [Like] ‘They gave me this award. I shouldn’t have taken it because Biafra is not healed, but I did for the youth.’”

“She shouldn’t have rejected it just like that. It doesn’t affect the of us as it affects the Igbo presidency and Peter Obi. Seeking the office, yet rejecting things from it is blackmail. I will be happy if we can just forgive yourselves,” he added.

Chimamanda refused to grace or accept the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) award ceremony on October 11, 2022.


have however reacted to Brymo’s comment.

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@eatablechidi tweeted: “What’s Igbo presidency? As you handsome reach, sense dey far from you.”

@izudeze tweeted: “The office of the Presidency is defined by the individual occupying it. Their conduct and in that position will rub off on anybody that associates with them. If you receive honours from them, that means you approve of their conducts. Her choice is right.”

@OdogwuNaNkwurre tweeted: “Support your Tinubu and leave chimamanda alone..”

@Emmanue34547188 tweeted: “It doesn’t. She was Igbo before Nigeria”

@Samcology2 tweeted: “What is this one saying again? What has National honour rejection and acceptance of chieftaincy tittle gotten to do with the presidency? An individual has no relationship with the voting of millions of they want as their leader.”

@anthony_awowo tweeted: “It’s her choice Jesus is Lord”

@ChinasiFranklin tweeted: “Na you go tell a grown the one she go take?! See problem ooo!”

@TuShots tweeted: “Coming from a dude that attacked @official2baba for taking his right in the music industry. In other words, 2face and victory caused his downfall and failure. Lol. A guy with a talent but with an incredible bad character and attitude. Now he is into politics. Clown.”

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