Burna Boy keeps fans waiting for over 8 hours at his ‘Love Damini’ Lagos show

  • Knocks as Burna Boy was 7 hours late to his show

  • Fans wait over 8 hours for a 1-hour performance at Burna Boy’s ‘ Love Damini’ Concert.

  • Lagos concert: Attendees lament Burna Boy’s late entry

Burna Boy keeps fans waiting for over 8 hours his'Love Damini' Lagos show
Burna Boy keeps fans waiting for over 8 hours his ‘Love Damini’ Lagos show

Fans of Burna Boy took to to cry out and bemoaned the singer’s late arrival at his Lagos show on Sunday night.

On January 1, 2023, Burna Boy, whose real name is Damini Ogulu, headlined his concert in Lagos, and the audience do not seem to be with the results.

Angry guests criticised the musician on Twitter for starting his set late at the “Love Damini Concert” event.

Attendees claim that the concert began at 9 p.m., although Burna Boy did not take the stage until around 3 a.m.

According to several reports by the show attendees, no apology was issued by the singer, but he claimed that Nigerian fans dislike him because they have spread false rumours about him and that he is family in the past.

After his appearance, Burna Boy lashed out at fans attended his show in Lagos on Sunday, as he recounted how he was accused of killing someone in the club in August 2022.

The singer said he would have gone home if it hadn’t been for another artiste, .


Speaking in Pidgin English, he said, “If no be Seyi Vibes, I for just don dey go house.

“But I dey here for una, after una don talk say I kill person for Cubana, after una talk say my mama dance for Fela, after una don talk say…no wahala, I still love you, na I still dey here, if you like no love me, na go punish you.”

In another video, he also slammed fans for cursing him in the past. He added that if not for his love for them, he would not have performed at the show.

The singer, seemed hurt by the rumours in the viral video on social media, laid curses on his haters saying would punish anyone did not love him.

“Omo, no cap ooo, this is just to minimise they day when una dey curse me. If I dey lie right now, make punish me, if no lie make punish you. If na you be me, you no go come back. I no fit vex for una, I love una too much,” he added.

After blowing hot, the singer performed his hit songs to the waiting fans cheered him despite their earlier displeasure.

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