Vector x Octopizzo x M.anifest x M.I & A-Reece – Hennessy Cypher Africa | Listen

Hennessy presents “ 2022” featuring top African Vector, Octopizzo, M.anifest, and A-Reece.

  • Artiste Name: Hennessy 
  • Title: Cypher
  • Featuring: Vector, Octopizzo, M.I, A-Reece, M.anifest
  • Genre: Hip-hop
  • Year: 2022
Vector x Octopizzo x M.anifest x M.I & A-Reece – Hennessy Cypher Africa
Vector x Octopizzo x M.anifest x M.I & A-Reece –


The Hennessy Cypher features five prolific players in the continent’s rap scene which include Nigeria’s Vector and Abaga, Kenya’s Octopizzo, Ghana’s M.anifest, and South ’s A-Reece. The five amazing brought the magics to life on an exhilarating 6-minute cypher and left no crumbs behind.

All five spoke their truths with witty, creative and carefully constructed bars that made their delivery outstanding.

Hennessy’s Africa Cypher was set in a museum with all the standing as exhibits. It starts with Octopizzo before transitioning to M.anifest then M.I, A-Reece, and Vector.

The whole video is a win for African Hip Hop and has been met with excitement so far, garnering almost 500,000 views.

Hennessy continues to champion the Hip Hop culture in Africa and keep outdoing themselves every year. Hennessy has created a niche and a lasting impact in Nigeria’s pop culture through their stellar and consistent record, especially in the rap space. Hennessy continues to provide both emerging and established artists with a unique platform to showcase their talents, and strategic collaborations that sustain their relevance in hip hop culture conversations.

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