Enhle Mbali needs to stop talking to me, black coffee

  • Enhle Mbali must leave me alone, says Black Coffee.

  • Black Coffee: Enhle Mbali needs to stop bothering me.

Enhle Mbali needs to stop talking to me, black coffee
Enhle Mbali needs to stop talking to me,


discusses the accusations of abuse made against by his ex-wife, Enhle Mbali. The actress accused her spouse of domestic abuse in front of the public and in court.

She sought justice and received backing from a number of notable individuals and Anti-GBV organisations.

However, the DJ won the case in court and it was later reported that the two settled.

On Wednesday, Black Coffee posted on Twitter once more to express his sad feelings and how, despite winning her in court, the charge caused to lose a significant portion of himself after their divorce.

“The day my ex accused me of physically harming her, nothing was the same. It has left a heavy void in my heart a void I can’t shake off. I lost a big part of myself, no court of law could ever fix the pain and shame I still carry today, he wrote.

The Grammy-winning artist went on to discuss the way he witnessed his father mistreat his mother.

The claim from Coffee’s ex-wife saddens him, and he calls it a false accusation.

“My late father was abusive, to see her continue to ride that as a victim using me and using some of my tweets about it on that swimwear as an activist is quite dark and irresponsible. She knows people who abused her she must confront them and leave me alone.”


Meanwhile, on Wednesday morning hours, the DJ let it be known that he isn’t okay and that men should be OK with being vulnerable even though he was criticised and trolled for his weakness on Twitter.

Thank you for the positive messages I’ll be fine. Going through some of the comments makes one realize why most men bottle things up and some even take their lives, I hope you listen and offer support to men in your lives when they show vulnerability,” he wrote.

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