Black Coffee wishes for men in 2023

  • Black Coffee has seven desires for all guys in 2023.

  • 7 things Black Coffee wishes for all men in 2023

Black Coffee wishes for men in 2023
Black Coffee wishes for men in 2023


The Grammy-winning Black Coffee lists seven things that, in 2023, he hopes all men know. The musician worried fans on Wednesday by tweeting, “Ay….I’ not ok.”

The South African celebrity let his followers know that it’s normal for him to feel uncomfortable hours after posting the tweet.

He also expressed his desires for males in 2023 by listing seven things to observed by all men……..


Men Need to Know it’s okay to:

  • To break down
  • To cry
  • To ask for support
  • To vulnerable
  • To go to therapy
  • To talk about feelings
  • To not okay

Some of Black Coffee’s followers responded with scepticism while others applauded him for the message.

Meanwhile, It was earlier posted on that Black Coffee honoured Africa Rising’s tenth anniversary. The Grammy- celebrity shared the news of the 10th anniversary and the show’s return in 2023 on social media.

The musician developed his idea with a concert of the same name after releasing a musical CD called Africa Rising in 2012.

“2022 marks 10 years since Africa Rising — one of the most unique and special shows we’ve ever put on. I was joined by an orchestra, and it was a moment of pure forward thinking for the time… knows, maybe, just maybe we’ll have to bring an orchestra back on the road with me in the new year,” he wrote.

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