Sanelly Moonchild shows off new house she gifted herself

  • Moonchild acquires a brand-new as a gift

  • Moonchild Sanelly gifts herself a new house

Sanelly Moonchild gifts herself a new abode
Sanelly Moonchild gifts herself a new abode


Moonchild Sanelly has taken to her to reveal that she has gifted herself a new house before the year ends.

The musician, whose real name is Sanelisiwe Twisha, is well-known for her wild blue Afro hair and the “Future ghetto punk” music genre she established.


The singer claimed that the house was completely custom-built and referred to it as the nicest gift she had ever given herself. Moonchild also praised her manager Lauren Roth de Wolf for working on the project and seeing to it that it is accomplished.

“New home, best gift to myself #pradadamoon @laurenrdw my u know we started from scratch again and this is the injury. I u so much,” Sanelly wrote.

This is coming weeks after  Moonchild disclosed that she was now transracial and that she now identifies as Indian.

London shared in June last year that they had transitioned between races and cultures, after a series of surgeries to look like the K-pop group member Jimin.

“From Black to Indian I’ve been feeling very exotic lately it’s an exciting process,” she wrote.

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