Black Coffee marks ten years “Africa Rising”

  • Rising” at Black Coffee celebrates ten.
  • Black Coffee celebrates 10 years of “ Rising”
Black Coffee marks ten years "Africa Rising"
Black Coffee marks ten years “ Rising”


Black Coffee honours Rising’s ten-year anniversary. The Grammy- celebrity shared the of the 10th anniversary and the show’s return in 2023 on social media.

The musician developed his idea with a concert of the same name after releasing a musical CD called Rising in 2012.

“2022 marks 10 years since Rising — one of the most unique and special shows we’ve ever put on. I was joined by an orchestra, and it was a moment of pure forward thinking for the time…who knows, maybe, just maybe we’ll have to bring an orchestra back on the road with me in the new year,” he wrote.


Excited friends and admirers praised the effort as well as voiced their appreciation.

“Till this day, no show compares to Rising. We (friends) speak of it all the time and how we wish certain artists even ourselves could do something close to it. You’ve set the bar,” DJ Fortee.

“I remember @leekasumba got me a signed CD and DVD. I converted many that stepped into my house by making them watch that DVD. My still plays the tracks in his car @mactherealmccoy,” DJ Obiondeck wrote.


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