King Jezaniah Shares A Sad Romance Tale on ‘Enemy’ | Listen

On the heels of solid ‘breakfast’, King Jezaniah shares the tale of his sad romance titled, ‘Enemy’.

King Jezaniah Shares A Sad Romance Tale on'Enemy' | Listen
King Jezaniah Shares Sad Romance Tale on ‘Enemy’ | Listen

Tanzanian fast-rising singer, King Jezaniah narrates his lost love fantasies in this new delivery tagged, ‘Enemy‘.

Adopting the Afrobeats delivery style, Jezaniah’ output chronicles his personal relationship with his fiancée. The song was written after an adulterous circumstance in which he believed everyone around him was his ‘Enemy’ for going behind his back.

Being betrayed in this manner elicited the rawest emotions and in Jezaniah, which he appropriately put into each song in sincere vocal performance.

According to him, he didn’t even need to write the lyrics after going into the studio because every thought and phrase was precisely sculpted in his head, which you can hear in the genuineness of the finished product.

The 21-year-old hails from East Africa’ flourishing metropolis of Tanzania and he is strongly influenced by Nigeria’ star, Ruger.

He’ triple threat in the creative field, with talents as an artist, singer, dancer, and actor, and it’ his versatility that sets him apart.

Over time, Jezaniah would practice his songwriting in the most basic yet effective way possible by recording directly into his phone. After receiving encouragement from close friends, he published his debut single and amassed an extensive and great repertoire, indicating that King Jenzaniah is here to stay.

If you are Afrobeats enthusiastic, then this is the right song for you!

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