Marcus Rashford unveils goal tally aim for 2022/23 season

  • Marcus Rashford reveals goal tally aim for 2022/23 season.

Marcus Rashford unveils goal tally aim for 2022/23 season
Marcus Rashford unveils goal tally aim for 2022/23 season

Marcus Rashford has revealed that he’s aiming to his season-best tally of 22 goals during the 2022–23 campaign.

The attacker has been in outstanding form lately for both club and country, scoring 10 goals for his club and three for the World Cup in Qatar.

Rashford scored the opening goal in Man Utd’s 3-0 victory over Nottingham Forest on Tuesday night, taking advantage of a routine corner kick on the training pitch.

Speaking about the goal to Amazon Prime, Rashford revealed that Man Utd worked on exploiting a weakness that was spotted while they were analysing footage of Forest playing, stating:

“We didn’t practice it too much but it was definitely one from the training ground. We seen from some of their clips that they’re very man to man so if you can shift them all to the back half of the goal and create an overload we can get a good chance on goal. I’m happy that it came off, it’s something that we did work on.


“I feel comfortable in that position and I want to put myself in those positions and I want to score goals. I’ve spoke to him [Erik ten Hag] about putting me in the box for corners as well because usually I’m on the edge of the box but, you know, I want to be in the box and I want to be where the goals are scored.”

Having started the game on the left flank, Rashford was later moved across to the centre-forward position when Alejandro Garnacho replaced Anthony Martial. When asked which of these positions he prefers to play in, the star replied:

often than not I prefer to play on the left but if there’s a weakness in the middle or if there’s a certain style of player that I feel I can exploit then I to have the freedom to try and move and try and do that.”

Rashford also discussed his goal aim for the 2022/23 campaign, revealing he is keen to score 23 goals in order to his career-best tally of 22 scored back in 2019/20:

“Every forward has a number that they always want to try and reach, and for me it’s just to score than I’ve ever scored before in a season so I think it’s 22 or 23, something that. I need to try and keep scoring goals and keep effecting the games.”


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