Fat Joe dubs Tems’ Free Mind as song of the year

  • Fat Joe Calls Tems’ “Free Mind” Song Of The Year

  • Tems’ “Free Mind” is dubbed the year’s best song by Fat Joe.

Fat Joe dubs Tems's Free Mind as song of the year
Fat Joe dubs Tems’s Free Mind as song of the year

Tems’ “Free Mind” is still receiving praise and awards abroad, and now American rapper Fat Joe has crowned it the best song of the year.

Tems has had an amazing year, lately receiving Golden Globe nomination and supposedly being lined up to perform with Beyonce on her “Renaissance” tour. The singer’s song “Free Mind” also achieved great milestones, debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts and receiving consistent rotation on American radio.

The rapper had shared his opinion on the song via livestreamed video with the song playing in the background saying, “I play this cause to me this is the biggest song of the year, song of the year to me, don’t know about you… It’s the biggest in the game.”


Meanwhile, in other news, Tems has been shortlisted for the Oscar Awards in 2023.

The shortlists for the 10 categories for the Forthcoming Oscar ceremony were revealed on Wednesday by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Documentary feature films, documentary short films, feature films, make-up and hairstyles, original music, animated short films, live action short films, sound effects, and visual effects were among those that were included.

In terms of music, “Lift Me Up,” from the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” album, was Tems and Rihanna’s that was selected for an Oscar nomination in the category of “Best Original Song.” Recently, the song received Golden Globe nomination in the same category.

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