Oxlade Discusses His Connection With Darkovibes.

  • Oxlade Opens Up On Friendship With Darkovibes

  • Oxlade reveals why he cherishes Ghanaian artist, Darkovibes.

Oxlade Discusses His Connection With Darkovibes.
Oxlade Discusses His Connection With Darkovibes.

Oxlade has revealed why Ghanaian singer Darkovibes is so special to him.

In an interview with “OnTheRadarRadio,” Oxlade referred to Darkovibes as one of the most genuine individuals he knows and said that even before he became famous, the Ghanaian artist treated him like royalty.

“I’ll comment on anything Darko posts. That’s my broski there. That’s one of the realest people.

“Why I rate him different is ’cause even before the fame, before I became who I am right now, Darko treated me like royalty. And that’s why I treat him the same way.

“When you see people that cherish you like that, you reciprocate that energy,” Oxlade said.

On how long they’ve been friends, Oxlade said they became close during the time his sex tape was leaked.

According to the ‘KU LO SA’ singer, the time was a scandalous moment for him but Darkovibes came through for him and was supportive.


“Funny how we just got really close this year. I met him during one of the lowest periods of my this year.

“I had a very scandalous moment. And things just went really south and dark for him.

“Out of the blues, Darko just comes through and he becomes extra nice and extra real to me.

“Ever since then, I’ve been like this guy is a for-lifer.”

During that same interview, Oxlade disclosed the startling reason he does not smoke. The singer of “Ku Lo Sa” disclosed that his lack of smoking was due to his asthma.

“What else, I’ asthmatic, many people don’t know. I’ve got asthma. So I don’t smoke, at all” he told the interviewers.

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